Bell Tower Restoration

The bell tower of St. John’s Church was built in 1822 as an extension of the original 1816 building. The bell was cast in Boston by Joseph Revere, son of Paul Revere, and installed in the same year. Still in use as a call to worship, in early years the Revere bell also functioned as a fire alarm for the neighborhood, including the White House.

Today, this historic structure is in visible disrepair, with peeling paint, rotting or missing wood, and general failure of the building envelope to protect against the elements. As its conservators, St. John’s clergy, staff, and parishioners have embarked on a large-scale project to restore the tower to its original condition and improve ease of access for future maintenance.

St. John’s bell tower has stood tall through the unfolding of 200 years of American history. It has reminded citizens and visitors alike to look upward and set their hearts on things above, especially in hard times for our city and nation. We at St. John’s have a duty to preserve this landmark so it remains an inspiring presence in the heart of Washington, DC. 

If you would like to learn more about our restoration efforts, or make a contribution in support, please contact Charley Griffin.